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The Fireview
Soapstone Wood Stove

Our most popular Wood Stove for over 34 years



Dimensions (HxWxD)
28” x 26” x 20”
Weight: 475 lbs Firebox: 14.5 x 13 x 20”
Flue Exit: Rear Flue Height (center): 22.75”
Flue Size: 6” Area Heated: 900-1,600 sq. ft.
Wood Length: 16” Burn Time: 10-12 hrs.
Wood Loading: Side
Draft Control: Manual
Max Heat Output: 55,000 BTUs /hr.
Heat Output (EPA Test Method): 10,800 - 42,100 BTU's/hr
Catalytic Combustor: Standard
EPA Certified: YES EPA Efficiency: 72%
EPA Emission Rating: 1.3 gms/hr
Back Clearance: 30”
Side Clearance: 18”
Back Clearance w/Heat Shield:

Mobile Home Approved

Fireview Wood Stove

  • Penetrating soapstone warmth
  • Handmade for 25 years in New Hampshire
  • Detailed iron castings and thick double walls of soapstone
  • Heat up to 1600 square feet
  • Burns up to 12 hours
  • Crystal clear fire-viewing. Unique “airwash” keeps window free of soot and ash.
  • Protects against power outages - no electricity required
  • Detailed ornamental iron castings available in 5 colors - matte black, charcoal, and metallic grey, blue, or brown
  • Factory-direct prices
  • Six-Month Risk Free Trial

"No problem keeping the fire going all night..." "I've heated our whole house with the Fireview for over ten years. This past winter, I was home with back surgery and easily kept the house warm all day. I had no problem keeping the fire going all night, too. The soft heat from the soapstone is much more comfortable than heat from a cast iron woodstove."
- Ms. Pat Hurst, Clayton, CA

"Fireview Woodstock Soapstone stove is by far the best stove I've ever seen."
"I have been around a number of wood stoves in my lifetime; and the Fireview Woodstock Soapstone stove is by far the best stove I have ever seen.  The even heat that the Soapstone provides can not be matched by any ordinary stove.  The design of the Fireview has also provided many hours of enjoyment, watching the fire through the glass. Not once have I ever had a problem with the glass clouding up.  Unlike some stoves I have seen that cloud up with a single fire.  I also like the easy access to the catalytic system, as changing the catalyst will be a breeze."
Mike Zajicek, WI

Soapstone and Cast Iron – A Beautiful Pair
The Fireview wood stove is styled after the famous soapstone wood stoves made in Francestown, New Hampshire during the 1860’s. The ornamental ironwork on the Fireview wood stove reflects the classic architectural style of the mid- nineteenth century. The smooth, lustrous surface and unique grain and color of the soapstone panels forms an appealing contrast to the sculpted iron frame. Each Fireview stove is a handsome and attractive piece of furniture. Like those old, heirloom wood stoves made in the 1860’s, the aesthetic appeal is remarkable.

Radiating Heat Long After The Fire Has Died Down
The Fireview wood stove has a firebox with thick inside walls of soapstone and a firebrick-lined base. The soapstone keeps combustion temperatures high for clean-burning efficiency, and it stores heat and then radiates it long after the fire has died down. The soapstone firebox also hold coals for hours longer than a metal stove, which makes it easy to keep the fire going without resorting to paper and kindling. You’ll appreciate the bed of hot coals and the warmth that greets you if you’ve been away from your home for 10-12 hours or more.

No Other Wood Stove Will Ever Exactly Duplicate It
Each wood stove is built with skill, patience, and attention to detail by an individual craftsman. Like fine wood, each piece of soapstone has unique grain and coloration. With an eye for natural harmony, the stovemaker selects panels of stone with complementary grain and color for each stove. The marbling in the stone ensures that each stove is unique and will never have an exact replica.

Clean Burning & Powerful Heating CapabilitiesWoodstove Air Curtain
The Fireview will heat efficiently, cleanly, and safely. It is sized to be a primary heat source, and will heat large areas, anywhere from 900 to 1600 square feet. It will burn for up to 12 hours on one load of wood, and produce up to 55,000 BTUs per hour. The emissions rating on the Fireview is an environmentally friendly 1.3 gm./hr. – one of the best in the woodstove industry - and the stove is also safety tested to UL Standards for safety by Omni Testing Laboratories, Inc of Beaverton, Oregon.

Crystal Clear Fire Viewing
The Fireview wood stove has a spotless front window, which makes it the perfect substitute for a fireplace and brings a warm and friendly focus to any room in your home. There’s nothing like a warm hearth and a beautiful wood fire to bring people together. The Fireview wood stove employs double glass coupled with an airwash system to keep the front window clean. A pair of decorative flame-topped andirons keep wood back from the front window and away from the air wash. Its classic beauty, reliable and efficient operation, and durable construction have made this our most popular woodstove year after year.