The Progress Hybrid Woodstove

Our First Record Setting Hybrid

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What is a "Hybrid" wood stove, and why is it so efficient? Click here to find out!

  • Highest output of all wood stoves tested by EPA (click here to see chart)
  • Highest wood stove efficiency of all stoves tested by the EPA - 81% Average
  • Greatest range of out puts of all stoves tested by EPA
  • Ultra low 1.33 gm/hr average emissions
  • Long 14+ hour burn time
  • Comfortable, even soapstone warmth
  • Stunning view of the fire - watch the fire and watch gasses combust in the upper part of the viewing window (Click here to see video)
  • Heat up to 2200 square feet- easily
  • Left or right door - pick the most convenient for your installation
  • 5 Standard cast iron colors - choose the one which goes best with your decor: Black, Charcoal, Metallic Blue, Brown, or Grey
  • Back or top vent - standard reversible flue collar (click here to see reversible flue)
  • Short legs kit for fireplace installation - free in place of standard long legs
  • Free rear heat shield for reduced clearances.
    Rear clearance is 7" to combustible wall with top vent/ rear shield
    (Please note a pipe shield or double wall connector pipe may be required). Included free with every stove!
  • Free 3 burner cast iron cook top. Included free with every Progress Hybrid stove
  • Bottom grate and ash pan for easy ash removal. Biggest ash pan in the wood stove industry.
  • Outside Air Adapter - connects outside air to stove damper and air intake
  • Pipe shield - reduces single wall stove pipe clearance to 6"


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When you order a Progress Hybrid, you choose:
(1) whether the door is on the left or right,
(2) the color of the iron castings, and
(3) whether you want long or short legs.
If you visit the factory, you can pick out the stone you like best.

When you buy a stove from us, you get factory
direct prices, and a six month risk free return privilege. If you don't like your new stove, we'll buy it back and pay for the return freight! Woodstock Soapstone Stoves are only availabe
le direct from the factory.




Standard 10" Leg Dimensions (HxWxD): 33.5"x30.5"x25"

Area Heated: 1600-2200 sq. ft.
Short Leg Dimensions (HxWxD): 28.5"x30.5"x25" (no ash pan option)
Weight: 700 lbs Firebox: 2.8 Cu.ft.
Flue Height (center) Std 10" Legs: 27.75" Rear Flue Height (center) Short Leg Kit: 22.75”
(no ash pan option)
Flue Size: 6” Burn Time: 12-14 hrs.
Wood Length: 16-22” Ash Pan: Optional (tall legs only)
Wood Loading: Side (Choose right or left)
Draft Control: Manual
Max Heat Output: 80,000 BTUs /hr.
Heat Output (EPA Test Method): 12,538 - 73,171 BTU's/hr
Catalytic Combustor & Secondary Air:
EPA Certified: YES EPA Efficiency: 81%
EPA Emission Rating: 1.33 gms/hr
Back Clearance: 30"
Side Clearance:24”
Back Clearance w/Heat Shield: 7"
   What do we mean by Hybrid?

(noun): A thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture. Hybrid is a word that is being used more frequently these days. Auto makers are building hybrid gas and electric cars that increase fuel economy. Biologists have created hybrid crops that are more resilient and grow quicker. The marriage of two different technologies or ideas can lead to a product that captures the best parts of its different components. So what exactly is the Woodstock Soapstone Progress Hybrid? What elements have been combined that make this a superior wood stove? These are questions we are asked every day.

The Progress is a true hybrid because it combines a catalytic combustor with a secondary combustion system. Each of these elements is used to reduce wood stove emissions and increase efficiency. Until now, wood stoves have been using either a catalytic combustor or a secondary combustion system to meet EPA emissions standards. Each design is capable of meeting the standards by itself, so why go to the trouble and expense of developing a wood stove that combines these two separate systems? The answer lies in the way each system performs best. A catalytic combustor has the ability to break down the compounds in wood smoke at temperatures as low as 500 degrees F. This allows for more complete combustion (less pollution) at a low to moderate burn rate. The catalytic reaction produces a considerable amount of heat from the wood smoke as well producing a long, clean, and efficient burn. A secondary combustion system requires much higher temperatures ( over1000 degrees F) to break down the same compounds in the wood smoke. These systems work most effectively at higher burn rates. The idea behind combining these two different systems in one wood stove is to capture a clean and efficient burn throughout the entire burn range.

Seems simple, right? The real trick is getting the two different systems to work effectively together and make the stove as simple to operate as possible. Through the long and winding path of R&D we have designed an air damper system that controls both primary and secondary air to the firebox using a single, simple lever. The ratio of primary to secondary air is pre-set so the user does not have to fiddle with separate knobs or levers to fine tune the burn. The Progress will automatically deliver unused secondary air to the combustor at lower burn rates, or allow the air to combine with gases in the firebox at higher burn rates for a spectacular secondary burn. At a medium burn rate, the secondary flames and catalytic combustor alternate depending on the conditions in the firebox. Two different systems, working in harmony, make the Progress Hybrid.

How does the Progress Hybrid stack up against other wood stoves?

The Progress Hybrid comes with an easily reversible top or back flue collar, simply choose which works best for your installation!