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August STEAL:
Mythical Gryphon

Our August Steal of the Month celebrates the mythical Gryphon. This is a creature steeped in ancient lore that is part lion and part eagle. As it is the King of the Beasts, combined with the King of the Birds, it was thought to be especially powerful and majestic.

Our Ideal Steel stove is also powerful and majestic and combines catalytic ‘magic’ with a secondary air re-burn system to get the most heat out of your wood. Fuel efficient and clean burning all in one stove.

The Gryphon is portrayed as the guardian of treasures and priceless possessions. So, too, will your Ideal Steel with the Steal of the Month Gryphon design set, guard against the cold of winter and keep your family warm all winter long. Usually a protector of your gold, this month, our Gryphon will let you ‘steal’ this treasure for a very special price. Don’t wait, once the month is over, this deal will become a myth and disappear!

Call now to get this special deal with this very special guardian as the design feature. Our customer service representatives are ready to answer any questions or to take your order. We are open Monday through Saturday 9-5 Eastern Time at 1-800-866-4344, or you can put a reservation in on line at


August Design
MYT016- Mythical Gryphon

Ideal Steel August Gryphon

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August Steal Month
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