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Progress Hybrid 209 Customer Comments



“This stove, simply put, is an engineering marvel. I now burn 50% less wood, my 2500 sq. ft. house is warmer due to the higher BTU output, and the heat is very even. I was never able to achieve any of this with my previous wood stove the Jolul Oslo (aka boat anchor).

As a testament to the efficiency of this stove, I have only emptied the ash pan twice in 30 days. This stove is so amazing and trouble free that my faith in wood heat has been renewed once again. It shouldn't be difficult to heat with wood, and with the Progressive you have made it a joy.”

—Jeff N., NH



“What a fabulous product! Highest kudos for engineering and building such a functional beauty. To have such an efficient stove work perfectly for utter wood-heating newbies from day one is really special.”

—Tom & Linda C., AR



“I thought I would let you know that the Progress is installed and burning!! What a stove!! This is by far and away the most impressive woodstove I have ever seen burn. It is amazing! The reburn is unbelievable to watch. Whoever designed this stove should get an award. My only complaint…which is not a complaint wow is it heavy! I carried it in with 6 other guys that I had to feed dinner to after the install.

I will recommend this stove to anyone and everyone I can. This stove is everything it is billed to be.”

—Mark C., NY



“We purchased a Progress Hybrid stove. It exceeds our expectations of performance and looks. Cut our wood usage by more than half. We are very pleased with our new stove. Thank you!”

—Donya S., WV



“It’s been a cold winter here in northern Wisconsin, but our new Progress Hybrid has kept us toasty warm!! I’m pleasantly surprised at how little wood it burns to keep us cozy. I can easily get 12+ hours with lots of coals leftover. I haven’t had to use a lighter or kindling since I first started it up in November.’s just gorgeous! I LOVE THIS STOVE!

I wanted to share my appreciation with y’all. I have attached a picture of our hearth, too. You are welcome to use the picture and my name on your website if you want. Thank you so much for making this stove!”

—Jessica A., WI



“This extremely efficient, easily used stove is further enhanced by its great beauty and the gorgeous large clear view of the remarkable and very different fire. The smoke flames may be whirling hurricane-like flames near the secondary air burn area, catalytic smoke flames arising from the bottom of the stove and dancing throughout the firebox, or (often) a combination of both. With our damper completely closed, we get only these flames for the first hour or so, then a very small flame, clear burn that maintains a steady stovetop temperature during the entire burn.”

—L.W., Ontario, Canada



“Highest kudos for engineering and building such a functional beauty. To have such an efficient stove work perfectly for utter wood-heating newbies from day one is really special.”

—Lydia C., AR



“We love our newest Woodstock Soapstone. It is so incredibly efficient and burns exceptionally clean. The Progress Hybrid is everything it claims to be and more. The top vent allowed us more space in our great room. It is gorgeous! Our old Woodstock stove will be put to use in the barn. Thanks for a wonderful product!”

—Melanie & Eddie O., NY



“Management and workers at Woodstock Stoves,

What a machine the new hybrid stove is!  We replaced a 10 year old keystone in our great room this weekend and are toasty today. Wow. Good work.  You can solve the entire country's dependence on oil. The old keystone is being moved to our new oyster hatchery.  She kept us healthy for a long time.


Michael Osinski
Widows Hole Oyster Company
Greenport, NY”



“Excellent customer service, very knowledgeable staff. Terrific feedback. Thank you Penny for helping with soapstone, it's beautiful. Honestly I can’t think of anything to improve on. It has been a long time since I have dealt with a company with such excellent public relations.”

—Tim S., PA



“My beautiful Hybrid is wonderful. It is dreamy to sit and watch the flames dance and bounce. I couldn’t be happier with this stove. The draft is good and the fire caught right up...not that we need much of a fire tonight. The men spent about 5 hrs getting the “modification” done with the bluestone hearth, uncrating the Hybrid and getting it where it belongs. I am truly very pleased with my purchase. Thank you for a pleasurable experience. I must also tell you that these chimney sweeps were VERY impressed with your stove and your care in packing and shipping, and even felt we ‘got a really good deal’!!! This...from a couple of hard workers who’ve seen most everything in the field.


P.S. I think I will make good use of the cast cooktop when it arrives.”

—Carol M., NY



“Buying a Woodstock stove is the best thing we have done for ourselves, the Progress Hybrid has made our life so much easier. The stove is an incredible product. The company was great to deal with. If someone wants to see our stove or talk with us they can.”

—Raymond & Margaret F., CA



“The folks we talked to at Woodstock Soapstone stoves were excellent to work with. A good buying experience with excellent customer service!”

—John L., NH



“Dear Woodstock Soapstone,

Last December (2011) I bought one of your hybrid wood stoves. Not only is your product exceptional; which is so unusual these days.The attention to detail is worth talking about. When anyone comes into my home their gaze is immediately drawn to my soapstone wood stove. I then tell them the story about frames made in Belgium and assembled with soapstone in New Hampshire. I also use you as an example of what good customer service really means. I have worked as a business accelerator most of my adult life, I am sixty-one. There are only two companies I have dealt with in my life who understand true customer service and what that means. You are one of them.

Being your customer is truly a pleasurable experience. Not only have I not had a problem but you have taken steps to change and enhance things before I could ever have thought of them. Sending me an alternative cook top for my stove, free of charge, made me realize the value of our relationship. You could have advertised it with an added cost and I may have considered buying it. Sending it to me without any cost to me did what no advertising could ever have done. You made me a loyal customer for life; your actions did what no words could ever do.”

—Veronica S., CA



“Could you please spread the word to everyone how much we are enjoying our Progress Hybrid Soapstone wood stove. We love it! It keeps our 1880 square foot home nice and cozy. We have 9 and 10 foot ceilings throughout the entire home. Since we installed the woodstove in October, we have not used our furnace even ONCE!

Thanks, again, for the quality stove and your great customer service!!!!!!!”

—Phil & Lisa R., ID



“We are very pleased with our stove and the warmth it provides. You are the best company we’ve ever dealt with.”

—Joe J., WY



“Ordering a stove on line can be scary since you can’t see the stove in person. We just can’t stop praising the our Progress Hybrid. It looks and performs exactly as described on the web site. We know we made a great choice in purchasing your stove. Love the big fire viewing window and the heat output is fantastic.”

—Deforest W., NC



“Thank you all at Woodstock Soapstone Co. It’s been a pleasure buying our Progress Hybrid Model 209 stove. World class service, staff and knowledge. Well worth the trip to pickup stove and tour factory. You guys are the best!”

—Gary A., ME



“Thank you Mike and crew—this fireplace is awesome!! The installation and removal of our old chimney was done in 2 1/2 hrs by the Brother Marnell Keith and 2 helpers. So professional and caring. Keith expressed amazement at the stove pipe being painted the same color as the cast iron on our soapstone woodstove, and was impressed with you all’s craftmanship!

Happy Thanksgiving from a Warm Home.

Thank you and God Bless,”

—Donna & Guenther F., NJ



“Dear folks,

I had to write to tell you how pleased we are with our Progress Hybrid Woodstove. First of all, it is so beautiful to see in my hearth. But we absolutely love the efficiency; we are using 50% less wood than last year. We are also creating 50% less ash which is less work for me.

Our stove provides great overnight heat and I never have to restart it in the morning. There are always plenty of coals to catch the new fire quickly. We have also noticed an even heat; our last stove made the house hot, then cold. Our Woodstock stove maintains a pleasant, more controlled heat.

Added to all those features is the best customer service I have seen in a long time. Phone calls are answered by people, emails are returned promptly, and advice and explanations are always available. I heartily recommend Woodstock Soapstone Stoves.


—Sarah & Ronald W., PA



“We love the Progress Hybrid! Heats our home wonderfully. It is everything you promised. We are in the middle of an ice storm. We did not lose power this time, but we were not too concerned since our house is staying a toasty 75 to 78. We are telling everyone about this stove.”

—Wesley O., AR



“We’ve had the Fireview stove for 16 yrs and love it. Decided we wanted a little bigger stove. The Progress Hybrid came yesterday, it’s up and running. This is what we heat with through the winter. These are beautiful stoves. Thank you! Love it!”

—Bonnie B., IL



“The Progress Hybrid has been, and will continue to be the steady, strong, reliable heat source we count on every day. It’s a beautiful stove- we love it.”

—Seth W., VT



“Great Service! Made us feel right at home! Did not rush us in the purchase—explained everything to us (we had tons of questions).

Even the man who loaded our stove into the truck took the time to show us how to unload/ install the stove. Great people!

Great company! You really feel like family when you walk through the door!”

—Kevin S., MA



“The Progress Hybrid lives up to its reputation. Couldn’t wait to have it installed and was very satisfied with how it burned. Thank you for your great work!”

—Sean F., VT



“I bought this stove mainly based on a referral from an owner of one of your stoves, and couldn’t be more satisfied. This stove is truly a work of art and function.”

—Joe C., WV



“I just wanted to let you know we’re very excited about the upcoming winter to use our Progress Hybrid stove. We went with your company after all the positive reviews about your stoves and staff at Woodstock Soapstone. Stopped at your showroom to check out the stoves. Everyone was very knowledgeable and courteous. It is nice to deal with a company as caring as you. The quality of the stove is wonderful! I don’t believe we would buy any other stoves! You have a customer for life and will recommend your products to everyone.”

—Vicki & Bill B., NH



“Walking into Woodstock Soapstone Co was a breath of fresh air after getting poor service an unfulfilled commitments from other local stove co.’s. The service and the stove have turned out to be everything we were promised and more, from attentive, knowledgeable people to the most efficient stove we’ve ever seen. The burn time is unbelievable.”

—Chris B., NH



“Just wanted to let you know we love our Progress Hybrid stove we purchased this winter. It has saved us money and kept the house comfortable in one of the coldest winters we have had in a while.”

—Patricia S., NH



“We love the stove. Since December 14th we have gone through just over 1 cord of wood, with the stove being our primary heat source. That has been during the extreme cold that hit everyone this winter. You know wind chills in the -50’s and such. That is also burning pine, which is all we have in Montana. We are very impressed.

Again, we love the stove. Thank you.”

—Obadiah R., MT



“Just loaded wood in the rack for the Hybrid in the living room. Temp is up to 74 and rising. Wind outside is gusting out of the North 30-35mph and temps are in the lower 20s and headed down. The Fireview here in the office is going strong, and my wife just started the Fireview in the lower level of the house. We have a walk out lower level.

All this to say thanks to the people of Woodstove we can live comfortably, the geo thermal system just sits there as a backup, no use of gas or electricity and no blower noise.

We are both lively 70s and appreciate the good service you provide and want to say carry on and have a good year.”

—Bob G., KY



“This new Progress stove is just knockout awesome. Can’t believe how efficient it works.”

—Jeff S., WI



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