Progress Hybrid Combuster Cleaning


{besps_c}0|01-progress-pic-1.jpg|Progress Hybrid Combustor Cleaning|The only tools needed are a putty knife and a vacuum or fine bristled brush{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|02-lift-center-stone.jpg|Lift & remove the center stone first|lift-a-remove-the-center-stone-firsth{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|03-remove-stone.jpg|Remove the side stones to reveal the cooktop|{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|04-remove-stone-lift-cooktop.jpg|Lift the cooktop to access the combustor|{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|05-ph-6.jpg|Grab both ends of the combustor and pull the combustor forward to remove.|Make sure both sides of the combustor are cleaned. Please note: A small gasket will come out with the combustor, set it aside for replacement{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|06-ph-7.jpg|Notice the fly ash on the combustor|{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|07-ph-8.jpg|Vacuum or brush off both sides of the combustor|{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|08-ph-9.jpg|After cleaning- hold up the combustor to a light & make sure the cells are clear|{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|09-check-combustor-gasket.jpg|Check the combustor gasket|Inspect the gasket behind the combustor and replace if needed.{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|10-ph-010.jpg|Return the combustor to the stove|{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|11-ph-011.jpg|Find the gasket that came out with the combustor|{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|12-ph-012.jpg|Tuck the gasket above and to the sides of the combustor|{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|13-ph-013.jpg|Use a putty knife to secure the seal|{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|14-ph-017.jpg|Lower the cooktop down|replace the two side stones first, then the center stone and enjoy!{/besps_c}