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Thanksgiving is such a great holiday; we don’t have to do anything, go anywhere, dress up, or make noise. We can just quietly celebrate the people and events that have made our lives worthwhile.

As a business, we are celebrating 41 continuous years with great customers and employees. We are now selling stoves to the children (and in a few cases, the grandchildren) of our original customers. Along the way, we have managed to make lots of friends, make our products better and better, and make a profit and stay in business.

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We are doing more at our New Hampshire location than ever - we are making our own furnace cement, our own gasket glue, our own catalyst substrates. And of course, with the steel stoves, sheets of steel come in one end of our facility, and finished stoves go out the other. We do all the cutting, bending, welding, painting, assembly, and finish work. Our soapstone and cast iron are provided by two other family businesses - one in Canada, and one in Spain. Both provide excellent products and service, and share the same values that we do.

For all the customer, vendor and employee relationships we’ve formed over the past 41 years, we are thankful!

Combined FREE Shipping & Sale Discounts to $800 through November 29, 2019. Our way of saying THANKS!

Existing stove owners save up to $300 MORE as special thanks for helping make Woodstock Soapstone Company a success. If you or a friend or relative is ordering a new stove, Save up to $300 MORE off our best price, through November 29, 2019. If you are in the area over the Thanksgiving Holidays, stop by and visit

 The FIRST Hybrid Wood Stove in the USA,Progress Hybrid Woodstove and the Highest BTU Output of 600+ Stoves Tested to EPA Standards

The Progress Hybrid was the first hybrid in the USA, and set a new combined output, high efficiency and low emissions. Click here to read more.

 The FIRST Customizable Wood Stove, andProgress Hybrid Woodstove Winner of the 2013 International Wood Stove Design Challenge

The Ideal Steel Hybrid introduced custom stove artwork, custom paint colors, a huge firebox, very long burn times, and new affordability. Click here to read more.

Enjoy Radiant Soapstone Warmth from our Largest Gas Stove! 
Progress Hybrid WoodstoveThe Fireside Franklin will comfortably heat up to 1500 sq.ft. (more in warmer climates). It's equipped for LP or Natural Gas, and will run for a month with thermostatic control & just a 125 gallon residential propane tank.

No electricity is required - it's perfect for power outages.  Click here to read more.

You SAVE up to $300 MORE when you pick up at the factory:

 * Additional pick up discount! 
 * No crating or shipping charges
 * No sales tax in New Hampshire
 * You get to see how your stove is made, and get  detailed instruction in how it works!

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To learn more about a specific wood or gas stove model, please click on the stove images below:

Progress Wood Fireside Gas Ideal Steel Stove

Palladian Stove Keystone Stove Fireview Stove

Absolute Stove       Cottage Gas Stove         Survival Stove

Absolute High Style Stove  Mini Gas Stove


 What is a Hybrid Wood Stove?Ideal Steel Cutaway 2

A hybrid wood stove combines two combustion systems - secondary burning and a catalytic combustor - to burn everything in the woodsmoke before it exits the stove. Burning everything means the wood stove produces more heat than other systems, and lower emission. The catalytic combustor ignites at very low temperatures and cleans up low smoldering burns quickly. The two systems work together at medium and high burns to produce beautiful flames and no exhaust.

Ideal Designs

Listen to Our Customers!

"Your stove saved my life." We've been without electricity for seven days. We used our Woodstock stove for heating, cooking, and melting snow. It saved my life. The only thing it doesn't do is play music! The person who designed it is a genius.
- Martin Reiser, Orono, ME

"One-of-a-kind craftsmanship is hard to find!"
The heat your soapstone stove produces is even and constant, to say the least! In the morning, we've still got hot coals and the fire re-kindles without a problem. Thanks for a quality, well-built product. One-of-a-kind craftsmanship is hard to find today. You're carrying on a long-lost tradition.
- Charles & Shirl DeMatteo, Culver, IN

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Factory direct difference

If you have any questions, or would like a free literature package, please call us toll free at 800-866-4344. We're here to answer your questions about installation and operation, provide free color samples, or help design a hearth or chimney system.

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