Building a Fireview

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Custom Color Stove Gallery


The Factory Direct Difference
Better Built • Better Service • Better Guarantee

WSC Guarantee   We urge you to compare our wood stoves with other wood stoves on the basis of the price you pay and the  performance, emissions, appearance, customer service support and money-back guarantee you get.

   We build the best woodstoves right here in New Hampshire and sell them for very reasonable prices, in part because we only sell direct to our customers.  We do not sell to big box stores, little box stores, or anything in between.
   If you purchase a stove at a retail store, 40% of what you pay goes to the store.  When you buy a stove from us, most of that 40% stays in your pocket.

   When you buy an Ideal Steel Hybrid Woodstove or the Absolute Steel Hybrid Woodstove from us, it gets even better.  These two wood stoves are entirely made in our New Hampshire facility.  Sheets of metal come in one end of the factory, and finished woodstoves go out the door at the other end. 

   We do all the steel cutting, stone cutting, bending, welding, painting, assembly and customization.  Complete and total process control means you get a better wood stove at a lower price.
   Another benefit to selling factory direct is that we can provide custom color combinations, and custom designed artwork with our award-winning Ideal Steel Woodstove and unique styles for our newest wood stove the Absolute Steel Hybrid. Stoves that are sold through stores or made overseas simply can’t be tailored to an individual customer’s desires. Our factory direct model allows us to make the impossible, possible.
   We don’t feel that we’re in a competition to see who can make the largest number of wood stoves. We are competing with ourselves to make the cleanest, most efficient wood stoves, and have the happiest wood stove customers.  Click here to see how our customers feel about us, and about their stoves.

Direct Sales + Made in New Hampshire = Great Value at a Reasonable Price!

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Fireview Combuster Cleaning


{besps_c}0|01-cattools-2.jpg|Assemble Tools: 1/2 inch wrench or socket|{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|02-dsc-12-fs.jpg|Open the top lid to access the catalytic combustor|{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|03-dsc-57-fs.jpg|Remove the shipping bolts with a 1/2 inch wrench|If you have not already done so{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|04-dsc-51-fs.jpg|Lift the catalytic combustor|& remove it for cleaning{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|05-dsc-54-fs.jpg|Using the shop vac or painters brush |remove the fly ash from both sides of the combustor{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|06-cat-clean-1.jpg|With the combustor out|clean any fly ash from the interior of the stove{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|07-dsc-58-fs.jpg|Replace the catalytic combustor|{/besps_c}