Fireview Combuster Cleaning


{besps_c}0|01-cattools-2.jpg|Assemble Tools: 1/2 inch wrench or socket|{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|02-dsc-12-fs.jpg|Open the top lid to access the catalytic combustor|{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|03-dsc-57-fs.jpg|Remove the shipping bolts with a 1/2 inch wrench|If you have not already done so{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|04-dsc-51-fs.jpg|Lift the catalytic combustor|& remove it for cleaning{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|05-dsc-54-fs.jpg|Using the shop vac or painters brush |remove the fly ash from both sides of the combustor{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|06-cat-clean-1.jpg|With the combustor out|clean any fly ash from the interior of the stove{/besps_c} {besps_c}0|07-dsc-58-fs.jpg|Replace the catalytic combustor|{/besps_c}