How to Reserve your Stove Online

Thank you for your interest in our beautiful, clean-burning, high efficiency wood stoves. To reserve a stove online, click on the image of the stove you are interested in. This will take you to a reservation form for that stove. 

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No deposit is required to reserve a stove online. Your reservation form lets us know which stove model, color, and special options you are interested in. We follow up at a time you specify, to answer questions about payment, shipping, and installation. A more comprehensive description of the reservation process follows after the stove images.

Orchard Lodge Hybrid Woodstoves
The Survival Hybrid Reservation Form

Absolute lineup newAbsolute Steel Hybrid (choose from 7 styles) Reservation Form 

Ideal Steel Hybrid
Reservation Form
3 4 View Brown med
Progress Hybrid
Reservation Form

WWS Fireview silo
Reservation Form

Keystone Brown silo rgb
Reservation Form

palladian silo1
Reservation Form
  GasFranklinfinal silo
Fireside Gas
Cottage silo
Cottage Gas
Mini Silo
Mini Gas

About the Reservation Process

GATHERING INFORMATION: We use the reservation process as a “pre-order”. This allows you to communicate to us the stove that you are interested in, and begin the process of determining shipping, customization, installation, and finalizing your order. The reservation is the first step in starting an order.

If you phone us, the process will begin much the same way: Who are you? Where do you live? Which stove are you interested in?  Is it replacing another stove, or is this a new installation? What area are you trying to heat?  Which colors/options are you interested in, etc.?

If you prefer to speak to a customer representative over the phone, please call us toll free at 1-800-866-4344.

CONVENIENCE: You can use our reservation forms to order a stove any time, day or night, 24/7/365, and lock in the current sale price. We do not collect any money or credit card information when you make a reservation.

The reservation form gets your stove request in our production planning, which is important because all of our stoves have custom features (colors, door side, optional ash pans, optional art work, variable leg height, and so on).

SEPARATE FORMS FOR EASE OF USE: We have a separate reservation form for different stove models, because options like colors, artwork, door location (left, right, front), and ash pan availability vary from model to model.

Click the stove you are most interested in to go to the reservation page for that stove. Fill in the requested information and press “submit”

FOLLOW UP: We ask you for the best time, best phone number to follow up. One of our customer service representatives will follow up, answer any questions you might have, schedule your shipment, and ask for a $250.00 deposit to confirm your order.

DOES EVERY RESERVATION RESULT IN AN ORDER/SHIPMENT?: Usually yes, but not always. A reservation begins the ordering process, but there can be quite a bit of discussion between you and our customer service team before a shipment occurs. When we follow up, if we find that your stove choice cannot be safely installed, for example, it is unlikely that we would continue. If we don't think your choice of stove is well suited for the area you want to heat, we would let you know. We want to make sure you are well-informed before your stove is shipped, and that there are no surprises after you receive your stove. Plus, we want you to be happy with your choice of stove for many years to come!

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